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我々はこれまで、特に漆にフォーカスした活動を行っています。テクノロジーの視点を通して漆の魅力に迫る “between” シリーズはアート作品とプロダクトのプロトタイプを含むプロジェクトであり、現在までに数点のアウトプットを発表しています。AIによる造形を取り入れた漆彫刻や、3DCG/3Dプリンティング活用しCGによるイメージと実写の漆彫刻のイメージを行き来しながら ”What is Urushi?” という問いに迫るプロジェクトや、それらの技術を活用したプロダクトを開発しています。

ReKOGEI is a dynamic community for reinterpreting and reconstructing of history, aesthetics, and techniques of traditional handcrafts from the perspective of modern technology. "KOGEI" is a Japanese term for handcrafts. Asian traditional handcrafts that have a long history are currently facing a crisis. Handcrafts, which have been renown as daily necessities and furnishings, are encountering issues such as shrinking demand due to changes in lifestyles and lack of successors, and currently under pressure to change.

ReKOGEI is a dynamic community of craftsmen of traditional handcrafts, artists, engineers, and designers. Commencing operations in 2017, members from different fields have gathered for regular hackathons. Beginning with the hackathon, we have created artworks demonstrating the appeal of Urushi (traditional Japanese lacquer) through technology and made product prototypes. Primarily online members from various regions in Japan, such as Tokyo, Toyama, Kyoto, etc., have been involved and have flexibly conducted activities.

We have been focusing particularly on Urushi (Japanese lacquer). Urushi has been beloved in Japan for a long time. However, presently there are significant issues with manufacturing to processing.

Exploring the appeal of Urushi from the perspective of technology, the “between” series is a project that includes artworks and product prototypes, and has published several outputs to date. An Urushi sculpture that incorporates AI modeling, a project that poses the question “What is Urushi?” while using 3DCG/3D printing to switch between a CG image and a live-action Urushi image, and products that use such technologies is in development. The above-noted works have received high praise, including the Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival and the Asia Digital Art Award, and achieved results that expand the possibilities of Urushi in modern times.

ReKOGEI will continue to interact with many members and explore in the modern era the state of traditional handcrafts with a long history.


2020 第23回 文化庁メディア芸術祭 アート部門 優秀賞

2019 Asia Digital Art Award 産業応用部門 優秀賞
2019 富山デザインウェーブ 佳作


2019 The 23th Japan Media Arts Festival, Art division, Excellence Award

2019 Asia Digital Art Award, Entertainment category, Excellence Award

2019 TOYAMA Design Wave, Honorable mention

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